The Plasttechnics Cluster Slovenia unites the most important companies and accompanying institutions from the plastics industry. The cluster's members use the latest technology and are the optimal partner for new products and components, from planning through tool-making to production.

Plasttechnics Cluster Slovenia  has extensive experience in developing, consulting and training in the field of plastics processing and other advanced materials and technologies, integrating companies into joint projects. Due to the extensive network of R & D and SME partners PCS represents a very good interface for connection to Slovenian SMEs in the field of processing of advanced materials. PCS also has a wealth of experience through participation in various national and international development projects and manages the field of development and industrial research, intellectual property protection and entering foreign markets.

Cluster's Strategic Development Policies

Plasttechnics Cluster Slovenia and its members provide a partnership from the planning of the product through tool-making to production for the following fields:

  • R&D of projects, proposals, implementation and cooperation
  • development of products, equipment, tools and procedures
  • CAE in laser technologies
  • construction and manufacture of tools
  • injection moulding of products, including GIT, 2K, etc.
  • (co)extrusion of profiles, tubes, plates and foils
  • thermoforming, welding, printing
  • composite products, RTM, pultrusion, autoclave.

The Cluster also facilitates the establishment of links with potential customers, primarily with partners in development projects and with other networks. The aim of establishing links is to increase competitiveness through the synergy of development and marketing activities, the flow of knowledge and information, and establishing links with other networks in order to enable integration into the broader European projects on future technology.

Cluster activities

Plasttechnics Cluster Slovenia is becoming an european oasis of global providers of high-demanding products/services and comprehensive solutions (concept, development, manufacturing) for the most demanding customers on the global market. The cluster's mission is to ensure the flow of information, cooperation, synergy and funds for R&D in manufacturing and services with the aim of increasing the growth and competitiveness of its partners. The companies in the cluster apply the latest technology in the processing of plastics, manufacturing and construction of tools, CAE, laser and tool technologies, and offer product development and services from this field.